Paintball For Newbies

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Well, just like any other game, the basic idea is to have fun. That is what these games are all about, to build camaraderie and stretch out some of those lethargic bones of yours. However, there are some things that you need to remember even when you are enjoying paintball with your friends. Safer is more enjoyable compared to someone getting hurt because the basic rules on safety were not followed. Here are some helpful tips on paintball for newbies:

• To really enjoy the game, you have to pamper yourself with paintball and a kickass paintball marker. If you settle for the so-so types, you’ll end up craving for the more hi tech ones and end up spending more. And much more, buying paintballs in bulk come cheaper. So if you intend to play more and long, which is most likely since the price of paintball markers is not a joke, buy paintballs in bulk.

• Do not, I repeat do not, which means never, ever remove your goggles while in play. Yes, there has no report of death by playing paintball and it is a relatively safe sport but we do not want to be the first statistics in blindness or any injury of that nature or gravity. Also, wear the right footwear. Running, diving, and crawling can create all sorts of injury to the “unexperienced”.

• It is not only the face and the glands in it that require protection in a paintball event. The head neck, and hands are equally in need of protection. I assure you, when these body parts mentioned are hit by paintball, it will hurt like hell, especially when you are a newbie.

• Keep in mind that paintball is a game and it is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, it is also used b y companies in their corporate outings to invoke teamwork and that competitive spirit. However, paintball games are also for relieving oneself of work-related stress. So always keep the fun in mind, avoid anger and frustration to seep in.

• Remember and follow the rules on the paintball field. Keep in mind that when you do not abide by the rules set by the venue and by the game itself, you not only put yourself in harm’s way but also your co-players.

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