5 Ways to Take the Sting Out of Paintball

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Getting shot by a paintball can hurt. A paintball travels at speeds around 290 mph, and when you get hit, your skin is absorbing that impact. 290 mph is plenty fast enough for a.68 caliber paintball to sting and leave a welt.

Here are five ways you can take some of the sting out of paintball. By wearing the following protective gear you can protect yourself and come out with less welts after a day of paintball.

  1. Protect your melon with a hat of some kind. Whether it’s a baseball hat, a stocking cap, a beanie or some kind of head wrap that has some padding to it, it will help protect your head from those painful shots to the dome.
  2. Getting shot in the neck with a paintball can be probably the worst place to get shot. Neck protection made out of neoprene can protect your neck and take some of the sting out of a hit.
  3. Wear paintball gloves to protect your fingers and hands. Getting hit in the finger hurts. Not much padding on your hands to absorb the impact, just mostly skin and bone. Your hands stick out a lot when you play paintball, protect them by wearing a nice pair of padded paintball gloves.
  4. To protect your forearms, another part of the body that like the hands is often hanging out and getting shot, pick up some nice forearm protection.
  5. Pads that cover your entire shin as well as your knee are very convenient to have. Paintball can be a rough sport on your knees. With all the crouching and sliding, pads that cover your knees can be a lifesaver. Shin coverage is also an added bonus for taking the sting out of those shots to the shin.

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